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Best Google reviews for Dentistry Whole Health Dentistry Sebastopol, CA

Strictly state-of-the-art! This practice is working at a level of dental bio-compatibility that many other dentists will not achieve for ten years. That's what you get when you put two multi-talented geniuses together in the same dental practice. It sounds like I am exaggerating, but I am not. This simply a fact. The amount of diligent study, followed by the application of research into the field from both the US and European sources, that Dr. Senn and Dr. Mann have put into practice is a testament to the extreme dedication that they bring to the field and is a reflection of the level of care that they bring to their patients. Five stars is not enough!
 - Meridian Tooth Chart

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Oral cancer, like any cancer, can have an impact on your overall health and lifespan. While many patients think of more prevalent cancers such as breast cancer or prostate cancer that can affect adult men and women, many overlook lesser-known cancers such as oral cancer. Sebastopol, California area residents, should be prudent about ensuring they obtain routine oral cancer screening services with a dentist to monitor for any signs or symptoms that may arise with time. Oral cancer, if diagnosed early, can be effectively treated with the team at Whole Health Dentistry. What is oral cancer? Drs. Silvano Senn and … Continue reading

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Whole Health Dentistry partners with you to keep both your teeth and gums looking their healthy best; however, Drs Silvano Senn and Toni Mann are also on the front lines of preventing, detecting, and managing many conditions that transcend the appearance and health of your smile. Routine visits would not be complete without our oral cancer screening in Sebastopol, CA. While routine screenings are a “must,” our approach to screening is anything but routine or ordinary. Early detection that stands out, saves lives Other dentists’ offices in and around Sonoma County may approach screening for oral cancers the “standard” way; … Continue reading

What patients in Sebastopol, CA can expect from an oral cancer screening and prevention

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When you come in to see Dr. Silvano Senn at Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol, CA for an oral cancer screening, you can expect your oral cavity and connected tissues to be both visually and physically examined to detect and prevent oral cancer. An oral cancer screening is meant to reassure you that there are no problems and, if a problem is detected early, there are several treatments available. A screening may be recommended based on a patient’s lifestyle choices (such as if they are a smoker) or just for precautionary reasons but should be done occasionally in order to … Continue reading

For those in need, Oral Cancer Detection and Screening in Sebastopol, CA

Prevention and Screening Near Sebastopol area

Oral cancer is cancer that develops in or around the mouth and can include your mouth, lips, gums or cheeks. Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann and their team at Whole Health Dental Group provide professional screenings and treatment in their pursuit to detect and treat oral cancer in their patients.   It can be difficult to recognize signs of oral cancer as you may not know what to look for. There are visible signs that, if you recognize them, will need to be checked out so that Drs. Senn and Mann can determine if they are signs of … Continue reading

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If you could reduce your chance of dying from the sixth most common type of cancer, with a simple, painless test that takes only a few minutes, would you? That is the benefit of screening for oral cancer as part of your regular dental checkups. Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann feel an ethical commitment to offer this service to patients of Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol. Understanding oral cancer “Cancer” is simply uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, causing damage to surrounding tissues. When this occurs on the cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard or soft palate, lips, pharynx … Continue reading

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Information and oral cancer screening services in Sonoma

It is unusual to go through a day without hearing about breast or lung cancer. Yet most people don’t give much thought to oral cancer, though consequences can be just as dire. At Whole Health Dentistry, Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann, take their role in safeguarding the health of patients in the Sonoma area quite seriously. One of the ways they live up to this responsibility is with cancer screening services. Understanding oral cancer The human body contains trillions of cells. Normally, new ones form to replace those which are old or compromised. “Cancer” describes cells that divide … Continue reading