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Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann

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They focus on eliminating chemical exposure wherever possible. I just had a filling, and it was painless ... Easiest one I have every had. Great team, great office.
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Comfortable treatment to replace missing teeth with durable dental bridges in Sebastopol, CA

Comfortable Treatment to Replace Missing Teeth with Durable Dental Bridges in Sebastopol, CA Area

Dental bridges at Whole Health Dentistry support long-term health. Our approach to dental bridges treatment in Sebastopol, CA, is also comfortable, precise, and safe. Drs Silvano Senn and Toni Mann have built these and other processes on a foundation of healthy, holistic dentistry principles.

Biocompatible bridges

The dental bridges designed and placed by our dentists are made from biocompatible materials. These materials are “compatible” with biological or living tissues. They include durable and attractive dental ceramics, such as composite and porcelain. Other restorations at our office are made from dental ceramics, too.


Generally, the ceramic pontic or replacement tooth is held in place by ceramic crowns placed on the neighboring teeth. Dental ceramics preserve maximum natural tooth structure. So, generally, less of the tooth must be removed to make room for each crown. Dental bridges may also be supported by implants. Our dentists place ceramic implants in the jaw. These implants replicate a natural tooth root in a way that eliminates the risk of adverse reactions among those patients with metals sensitivities and allergies. Additionally, dental ceramics fuse or join to surrounding natural bone in a healthy, safe, and predictable manner. These characteristics provide sustained functionality to dental implant-supported bridges and partial dentures.

Our process

Every step of the dental bridges process is completed with your comfort and lasting health in mind. Dental extractions are recommended when a natural tooth can’t be preserved with treatments such as root canal therapy. When a tooth is extracted, we assure that all traces of damage are removed. That way, lingering bacteria and tooth material doesn’t present additional health challenges in the future. We’ll discuss tooth replacement promptly to avoid the destructive process of bone loss. We use gentle techniques and advanced technologies to detect conditions and treat them. Diagnostic technology like digital imaging is non-invasive, safer than traditional X-rays, and renders clear images of oral structures. These images, which can be enhanced and magnified, aid in the accurate diagnosis that leads to effective and efficient treatment.

Call Whole Health Dentistry: 707 549-6333

Adjuncts such as ozone therapy further promote a comfortable experience chairside. The application of ozone to prepare teeth for restorative treatments, such as bridges, promotes healing and eradicates harmful pathogens.


Precision bridges planning and placement at our office today helps you to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come. Call 707 549-6333 to schedule your appointment with Drs Senn or Mann at the Sebastopol office of Whole Health Dentistry.


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