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They focus on eliminating chemical exposure wherever possible. I just had a filling, and it was painless ... Easiest one I have every had. Great team, great office.
 - Meridian Tooth Chart

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Usually, teeth are removed for either decay or bone loss from periodontal disease. Nearly half of all adults in the United States have been fitted with teeth implants. The pace of this development is astounding as teeth implants have become one of the main solutions for those seeking immediate extraction of decayed areas. At Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol, CA, Dr. Silvano Senn will examine you to confirm whether teeth implants treatment is the right choice for your dental care.   Here are several reasons to choose teeth implants: Teeth Implants Have a Longer Life Span Dentures aren’t designed to last forever. As … Continue reading

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Through the ages, ceramic and porcelain have been lauded for their aesthetic beauty. These materials grace priceless ancient pottery, and modern wall, floor, and countertop surfaces alike. In dentistry, ceramics such as porcelain are also highly regarded for their aesthetic properties; however, dental ceramics do far more than “just” replicate the appearance of natural tooth enamel precisely. As  truly holistic and biological dentists, Drs Silvano Senn and Toni Mann are among the select providers to place ceramic implants for teeth in Sebastopol, CA. Dental ceramics are a safe, durable, tissue-friendly, and highly satisfying alternative to the medical-grade titanium that is … Continue reading

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If you have a gap in your smile caused by losing a tooth, you may not realize the serious complications this can cause if left untreated. An adult mouth contains 32 teeth (only 28 if you have had your wisdom teeth removed) so, it is entirely understandable that you may lose a tooth at some point in your life. Many people who lose a tooth find it inconsequential and don’t realize the need to replace the tooth since they still have their remaining teeth to perform daily duties such as chewing. At Whole Health Dentistry, Dr. Silvano Senn provides safe … Continue reading

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A healthy smile contains several parts that work together as a unit. Losing a tooth disrupts the natural balance of the oral cavity. Dental implants replace the missing tooth to help regain the balance in the mouth and to improve your quality of life. Located in Sebastopol, CA, Dr. Silvano Senn, Dr. Toni Mann, and the team at Sonoma Whole Health Dentistry offer ceramic dental implants as permanent options to replace missing teeth. The purpose of a dental implant Tooth loss can cause the adjacent teeth to shift. Your bite changes, altering the way you eat and speak. The jawbone … Continue reading

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The parts of your mouth are meant to work as a unit. When tooth loss occurs, it can be traumatic and can throw off the entire system. Teeth can shift, causing bite problems. Crowding of the teeth can lead to bacteria buildup because it is more difficult to clean the teeth. Bone health may deteriorate. Thankfully, teeth implants are a long-lasting option to restore your oral health. In Sebastopol, CA, Dr. Toni Mann and Dr. Silvano Senn offer ceramic dental implants to replace missing teeth. What is a dental implant? When a tooth is lost, it disrupts the flow and … Continue reading