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Whole Health Dental Group
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Best Google reviews for Dentistry Whole Health Dentistry Sebastopol, CA

Ever feel like you aren't being heard when you go a doctor or dentist? I feel like sometimes doctors get used to seeing the same stuff every day and stop treating each patient as if they are special. Dr. Senn is not one of those doctors, in fact he goes much further in explaining and exploring options than anyone I have ever seen. Because they focus on holistic and more advanced forms of care, they don't really take insurance but it's worth the cost to have all the options and care they provide.
 - Meridian Tooth Chart

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Enjoy non-surgical prevention and treatment of gum disease in Sonoma County at your holistic dentist

Whole Health Dentistry’s approach to all procedures emphasizes comfort, safety, and creating a positive and pleasant experience.

As a holistic dental practice, Whole Health Dentistry’s approach to gum disease prevention and treatment in Sonoma County emphasizes comfort, and techniques that are non-invasive and help to unleash your body’s natural healing capacity. Moreover, Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann account for you as a whole person, not just the set of oral symptoms or problems that may have brought you to their office in Sebastopol CA in the first place.

Gum disease – Common problem; big consequences

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports almost half (47.2 percent) of Americans aged 30 and older have advanced gum disease or periodontitis. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is a progressive condition. It starts as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease characterized by inflammation of the tissues that surround and support your teeth. With treatment, gingivitis can be stopped, and its effects can be reversed. Without treatment, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis. Patients with mild periodontitis are just starting to have bone and tissue loss around the teeth. Moderate periodontitis is characterized by more extensive damage to the supporting bone and by noticeable gum recession. At the advanced stage, periodontitis causes severe recession of bone and gum tissue. Teeth become loose in their sockets. In fact, gum disease is the No. 1 cause of tooth loss among adults.

The best medicine – Prevention

Empowering patients with information they can trust is a cornerstone of Whole Health Dentistry. The most common cause of gingivitis is inadequate oral care. Good oral hygiene requires both consistent and thorough brushing and flossing at home, and professional check-ups and cleanings at our office in Sebastopol. Routine cleanings remove what your toothbrush and floss can’t: tartar. During check-ups, your dentist may detect early signs of gum disease. Gingivitis tends to be silent. Symptoms may be subtle, if noticeable at all. Early-stage gum disease is easier to treat and doesn’t produce lasting damage because inflamed tissues can be restored to health.

Call Whole Health Dentistry: 707 549-6333

It’s also important to understand factors that can put you at greater risk of developing periodontal disease. The American Academy of Periodontology estimates around 50 percent of gum disease is inherited or has a genetic component. Other risk factors listed in the AAP’s interactive risk assessment include:

  • Advancing age
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, such as poorly-controlled diabetes
  • High-stress lifestyle
  • Smoking and using other tobacco products

Holistic dentists, Drs. Senn and Mann, understand that you are so much more than your teeth and gums, or oral symptoms. They’ll work with you on modifications to hygiene techniques and other adjustments, minimizing your risk of developing gum disease – for a healthy mouth and wellbeing!

Treatment – tailored to you

Image of a Pateint having treatments for gum disease

Whole Health Dentistry’s approach to all procedures emphasizes comfort, safety, and creating a positive and pleasant experience. Since gum disease is progressive, patients’ needs for treatment can vary considerably. In many cases, our dental team helps patients avoid the need for surgery with a mix of preventive education and products, and services such as a deep cleaning, which involves removing stubborn tartar and bacteria from root surfaces.


We also offer non-surgical gum disease treatment (or gum rehabilitation) with Perio Protect. Custom trays are made from molds of your mouth. These trays are designed to contain bacteria-fighting medication. When worn as directed by your dentist, the trays deliver medicine underneath the gum line. Toothbrushes and floss can’t clean that deeply!


Moreover, Perio Protect relies on hydrogen peroxide to do the heavy lifting and as a natural alternative to conventional antibiotics. Over time, bacteria tend to outwit antibiotics, becoming resistant to these therapies. Peroxide is made in your liver and white blood cells to fight infections. Hydrogen peroxide not only kills bacteria but also helps to release oxygen deep in the periodontal pockets that form between your teeth and gums as gum disease gets worse. This process promotes a healthier environment in your mouth! The good bacteria can repopulate and flourish, while the bad or disease-producing bacteria are eliminated.


There are so many opportunities to prevent or halt gum disease. Whole Health Dentistry looks forward to looking in your mouth, and revealing your best, healthiest smile. Call 707 549-6333 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Senn or Dr. Mann at the Sebastopol office.


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