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Whole Health Dental Group
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Best Google reviews for Dentistry Whole Health Dentistry Sebastopol, CA

Strictly state-of-the-art! This practice is working at a level of dental bio-compatibility that many other dentists will not achieve for ten years. That's what you get when you put two multi-talented geniuses together in the same dental practice. It sounds like I am exaggerating, but I am not. This simply a fact. The amount of diligent study, followed by the application of research into the field from both the US and European sources, that Dr. Senn and Dr. Mann have put into practice is a testament to the extreme dedication that they bring to the field and is a reflection of the level of care that they bring to their patients. Five stars is not enough!
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Understanding the Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings and What You Can Do to Remove Them

Mercury Safe Dental Care in Sebastopol Area

It is estimated that near 181 million Americans have received and currently have mercury amalgam fillings. Mercury amalgam fillings contain roughly 50 percent liquid mercury in their makeup which is blended into an alloy containing silver, copper, tin, and zinc. Similar to how lead in paint or asbestos in insulation, which was once thought to be safe, has been found to be toxic, so has mercury in fillings. At Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol, CA, Dr. Silvano Senn practices mercury safe dental care. Dr. Senn believes that mercury-free dentistry is the only way to deliver a truly safe dental experience for patients. This not only includes utilizing mercury-free products but removing any mercury from your mouth as well.

The Danger of Amalgam Fillings

The FDA has found that amalgam fillings containing 50% mercury can be dangerous to your health. This is due to the fillings releasing a low level of mercury in the form of vapor. This vapor is then inhaled and absorbed through the lungs and over time can cause adverse effects in both the brain and kidneys. Many patients, as they are becoming aware of these adverse effects caused by low-level mercury poisoning, are turning to clinics like Whole Health Dentistry. Clinics such as Whole Health Dentistry are choosing to replace old amalgam fillings with safe and mercury-free composite resin fillings.

Removing Amalgam Fillings

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAMOT) has developed standard methods (called the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, or SMART) for removing mercury amalgam fillings. This new method provides safe and recommended methods for the removal of existing mercury amalgam fillings in an environment that is safely controlled. These recommendations are in place to reduce any potential for negative outcomes.

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The Benefits of Removing Mercury Amalgam Fillings

  • Ending the patient’s exposure to mercury
  • Fillings such as resin composite are more aesthetically pleasing
  • Protects the patient’s mouth and body from harmful chemicals

If you are interested in learning more about why you should have your mercury amalgam fillings removed, please call Whole Health Dentistry at 707 549-6333 today and set up an appointment with Dr. Silvano Senn.
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