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This place has amazing service, great people and a clean, safe atmosphere. I've always hated going to the dentist, but this place makes it wayyyy more enjoyable. Plus, I love how much they take your health into account. Thank you WHD!
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Mercury Safe Dental Procedures in Sebastopol, CA: Should Mercury Fillings be Removed?

Mercury Safe Dental Procedures in Sebastopol, CA Area: Should Mercury Fillings be Removed?

Nearly everyone knows someone who has silver fillings in their mouth. This is because mercury was used to create fillings for many years to the point that about 50 percent of all dental fillings in the world currently in people’s mouths are made of mercury. The use of fillings made of mercury was halted in the 1970s when scientists and researchers realized that mercury can be harmful to people’s health and should not be placed in the body. The question is, for people who already have mercury fillings is should they be removed? Dr. Silvano Senn and the staff at Whole Health Dentistry provide world-class mercury safe dental procedures in Sebastopol, CA, including mercury filling removal and replacement.

The Issues with Silver Fillings

When mercury fillings were placed in the teeth, part of the tooth was cut out to allow room for the mercury filling to set. This has caused tooth decay over the years because the mercury fillings become separated from the tooth, leaving space in between the tooth and the filling that then fills with bacteria, causing further tooth decay and pain. Due to this reason and the fact that mercury is unhealthy for you and can lead to many problems, including psychological issues, insomnia, and weight gain, it is important to have them removed and replaced with today’s fillings that are made out of much safer materials. The world of dentistry has come a long way since the days of silver fillings. Present-day fillings are made of a variety of materials, including porcelain, gold, colored plastic that matches the color of the person’s teeth, and a material that is a resin composite. Silver amalgam fillings are also available but have a small amount of mercury in them that is combined with silver, tin, zinc, and copper.

The Safe Way to Remove and Replace Mercury Fillings

At our dental office, we use a very safe procedure in which extra suctioning is applied during the removal of mercury fillings to minimize the amount of mercury that can escape into your body. Once removed, we also treat our wastewater, so there’s no mercury going into the environment. We will replace your mercury filling with an upgraded and much safer version of a filling.

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