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Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn • Dr. Toni Mann
Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann

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Whole Health Dentistry
 - Review Person
Whole Health Dentistry - reviews
"In 50 plus years of visiting dentists, I have never felt as comfortable, safe, and secure as I do with Silvano Senn. He is warm and welcoming, gentle, professional, and up-to-date. His approach is holistic, and he takes great care to ensure that the work is done in as pain-free a way as possible, and as perfectly as possible. The office is peaceful, and his staff also very helpful and professional. My wife and I are very grateful for his presence in our lives."
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Experience gentle, holistic approaches to conventional oral surgery in Sonoma County

Sonoma County Drs Silvano Senn and Toni Mann promote comfortable oral surgery techniques in Sebastopol CA.

Oral surgery may be recommended to maintain or restore the health of your mouth. Some of the most common oral surgical procedures include the placement of dental implants to support crowns, bridges, or dentures, and the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Oral Surgery in Sonoma County at the holistic office of Whole Health Dentistry uses advanced techniques and technologies for comfortable, conservative, and biocompatible (non-toxic) care. You don’t have to visit an expensive oral and maxillofacial specialist (who you don’t know) to get skilled surgical care. Moreover, you can trust that the materials and approaches used by Dr. Silvano Senn … Continue reading