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Sleepless in Sebastopol, CA? Stress-free solution for patients, partners suffering from snoring

Solution for Snoring at Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol Area

Snoring occasionally is common and usually not cause for concern. But habitual snoring, commonly defined as snoring at least three nights each week, can be indicative of serious medical problems. Snoring can also damage relationships, as it affects the sleep quality of those around you, too. At Whole Healthy Dentistry, Drs Silvano Senn and Toni Mann offer a non-invasive solution for snoring in Sebastopol, CA.

Oral appliance therapy

By definition, snoring is the sound that is produced when the tissues in your throat vibrate as air flows past them. Snoring can either be “simple,” or secondary to conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In fact, snoring is the most common way that OSA manifests itself. Depending on the results of a sleep study analyzed by a qualified sleep specialist, it may be determined that you are a great candidate for oral appliance therapy.


Our dentists can design an oral appliance customized to your mouth. When worn during sleep, these appliances reposition the jaw and oral tissues. In doing so,


They do not block a healthy airway and produce the characteristic snoring sound. Among OSA sufferers, overly-lax tissues block the airway. So, these devices actually keep the airway open. Patients can breathe, unimpeded, throughout the night.


CPAP therapy has also been the standard of care for sleep apneic patients. While effective, not everyone gets used to wearing a mask connected to a loud machine that makes noise through the night. Oral appliance therapy is an easy-to-wear alternative among those who struggle with CPAP.

Call Whole Health Dentistry: 707 549-6333

Managing other risk factors

Snorers (and their partners) may benefit from some simple adjustments:

  • Mind your sleep posture – Sleeping on your back causes the tongue to fall back in your throat. The resulting narrowed airway and partial obstruction of proper airflow can produce snoring. Try to sleep on your side instead and see if it makes a difference.
  • Get healthy – Many of the characteristics associated with overall health, such as a healthy weight, are also associated with reduced snoring. It’s thought excess tissues, not just relaxed tissues, contribute to the nighttime noise. Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco are also linked to snoring.
  • Treat nasal problems – Allergies, congestion, and other nasal conditions can interfere with proper airflow. Open-mouthed breathing increases the risk of snoring.

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance. It’s certainly not funny. It can have serious health and quality of life consequences. Quality sleep is a phone call away, to Whole Healthy Dentistry at 707 549-6333.


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