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For years I was seeing the same hygienist at a different dental office. Then I tried Whole Health Dentistry and saw their hygienist Alicia. She terrific, eclipsing my previous provider. I will definitely be coming back and seeing her again.
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Are You Looking for A Dentist Who Performs Safe Tooth Extractions in Sebastopol, CA?

Are You Looking for A Dentist Who Performs Safe Tooth Extractions in Sebastopol, CA Area?

At Whole Health Dentistry, you may notice that Dr. Silvano Senn and his staff are going to look at every available option when it comes to restoring your oral health before recommending a tooth extraction. As a trusted dentist in the Sebastopol, CA area, Dr. Senn understands that extracting teeth as part of treatment should be considered a last resort. Let us look at why extracting teeth should always be the last avenue explored when it comes to the treatment of toothaches, cavities, and tooth decay.

A Last Resort

There are several reasons why any well respected dentist is going to do all they can when it comes to preserving your natural teeth. Some of these reasons include:

  • Speech Abnormalities: Having a tooth removed can alter your ability to speak properly making it more difficult for others to understand you
  • Eating and Chewing Difficulties: When a tooth is lost or removed, problems with eating certain types of food can occur. This can lead to digestion issues due to food not being properly chewed and your body having trouble breaking this food down internally.
  • Shifting Teeth: When a gap is created in your smile by a tooth which has been extracted, and if no replacement tooth is put into place, then adjacent teeth will eventually begin to shift into that open position causing gaps in your smile. This natural shifting can also cause teeth to slant and tip causing a crooked appearance and teeth can begin to overlap.
  • Bone Loss: The root of each tooth provides stability and stimulation to the jaw bone. When a tooth is removed, that no longer exists causing eventual deterioration of the jaw bone which is irreversible.
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Safe Tooth Extraction

In cases where all other options have been explored and tooth extraction is considered the only option in preserving your oral health, you should feel safe in knowing that Dr. Senn provides safe tooth extractions for his patients. Dr. Senn offers options for replacing that tooth which include safe dental implants using materials that are biocompatible with your body. Whole body health is very important to Dr. Senn, so you should feel comfort in knowing that any implant used will be done so using materials found to be completely safe for your body’s health.


For more information regarding teeth extractions, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Senn and the team at Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol, CA by calling 707 549-6333.


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