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Whole Health Dental Group
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Dr. Senn is wonderful, gentle and does great work! The dental assistants are also so kind and do excellent work. I had a really great experience.
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Sebastopol, CA dentists focus on preventing the need for tooth extraction and discuss when removal is a “must”

Tooth Extraction at Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol CA Are

Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann don’t promote tooth extraction to their patients in Sebastopol, CA — no responsible holistic dentist would! Modern dentistry strives to keep natural teeth healthy. In the past, given the scientific knowledge of the time, an aching or rotting tooth was “pulled.” Thankfully, today we have the tools and dental science for teeth (that formerly would have been extracted) to be “saved” with commonplace techniques and equipment.


Sophisticated technologies and training also allow for common causes of tooth loss, periodontitis and deep decay, to be detected early in the disease process. So, tooth extraction in Sebastopol, CA can be prevented when Whole Health Dentistry intervenes with the problem promptly. The effects of advanced disease or decay are reversed or halted before the tooth is irrevocably damaged.


While these sources of tooth loss are highly preventable in partnership with our team, we at Whole Health Dentistry are aware that new threats to oral health can present themselves over time; for instance, chronic conditions and the medications used to treat them often have dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth makes your teeth and gums more vulnerable to decay and disease. After all, saliva is a natural cleanser. As a holistic practice, we work closely with you to manage evolving risk factors for conditions like gum disease.


Likewise, teeth may need to be extracted in the event of injuries during sports or other physical activities. We know that many of our patients love to take in all the natural beauty that Sonoma County has to offer. So, in those cases, we try to manage sports-related dental injuries with custom-made mouth guards.

The exception to the dental “rule”

There is one type of condition that makes tooth removal, rather than preservation, a “must”: wisdom tooth impaction. Due to where and when these third molars develop, patients may develop painful complications associated with wisdom teeth. Those teeth that don’t have enough space to break through the gums properly may become trapped in the jaw, underneath the tissue. As they try to emerge through the gums, impacted wisdom teeth press up against overlying tissues. The pressure can be quite intense.

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To relieve pain and prevent other complications, such as damage to surrounding teeth, your dentist might decide that extraction may be necessary in these wisdom tooth-related situations. Still, even wisdom teeth can be managed. With routine visits to Whole Health Dentistry, Dr. Senn and Dr. Mann examine your teeth and surrounding oral structures to determine the placement and position of these last molars. If there is clearly no space for them to develop properly, skillful and gentle extraction will be recommended before these teeth produce pain and other symptoms.


Acquaint yourself with Whole Health Dentistry. Call 707 549-6333 to schedule your appointment at the Sebastopol, CA office.


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