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"In 50 plus years of visiting dentists, I have never felt as comfortable, safe, and secure as I do with Silvano Senn. He is warm and welcoming, gentle, professional, and up-to-date. His approach is holistic, and he takes great care to ensure that the work is done in as pain-free a way as possible, and as perfectly as possible. The office is peaceful, and his staff also very helpful and professional. My wife and I are very grateful for his presence in our lives."

Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Silvano Senn and the staff of Whole Health Dentistry are committed to delivering the most effective treatments that encompass total patient health. As a holistic dentist, we avoid the use of metal in any restorations. We believe that research indicates that metal composites introduce negative impacts to patient health. Sturdy and beautiful restorations can be crafted from porcelain and other composite materials that closely match natural tooth material. Crowns and bridges made with natural-looking materials restore oral function and improve appearance.

Crowns are designed to cover the part of a natural tooth down to the gum line that can be saved from decay or trauma. When a filling is no longer sufficient to restore the tooth or deteriorates to the point that it is no longer enough to maintain the integrity of the tooth structure, the dentist will usually suggest a dental crown, sometimes known as a cap. To place a crown, the dentist removes any damaged tooth material, leaving as much of the healthy tooth structure intact as possible. In nearly all cases, preserving natural tooth structure is the preferred treatment method because of the overall health benefits. Crowns are constructed to fit over the prepared tooth perfectly and to integrate with the patient’s bite. Once permanently cemented in place, patients will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Bridges are constructed of crowns and one or more replacement teeth to fill a gap in the dental arch. Teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared to accept crowns, which are used to secure the bridge. Bridges restore proper chewing function and improve a patient's appearance as well. The human body works best when it is able to function as originally designed. Bridges return the patient's mouth to a more normal structure, which is beneficial to the patient.

For stunning restorations with crowns and bridges, patients in and around Sebastopol, CA, are encouraged to visit Dr. Silvan Senn and Whole Health Dentistry. Your overall health is our goal. Allow us to become your total dental health provider, where not just your teeth are cared for, but your overall health.