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Whole Health Dental Group
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My kid's love going to the dentist, and they're 5 and 3. I appreciate how they are kid friendly. And I also love the whole health approach.
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Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging at Whole Health Dental Group near Sebastopol, CA Whole Health Dentistry in Sebastopol, CA is committed to the safest and highest quality of patient care. Investment in equipment and staff training for new digital x-ray instruments is a continuation of that commitment. We are pleased to use the Dexis system – recognized in the field as leading-edge technology. Using this system, we provide our patients with greatly-enhanced diagnostic services, while significantly reducing their exposure to radiation (80 to 90 percent less than with conventional film x-rays). This safeguard is an important feature for all health-conscious existing patients and prospective new ones.

Digital imaging in dentistry provides substantial benefits over film, and the Dexis system takes digital X-ray technology to the next level. From a patient’s perspective, digital x-rays are quick and comfortable. Clear images, viewed on a large computer monitor, are invaluable in understanding your dental condition and treatment options. Digital x-ray images can be enhanced and magnified to show fractures, cracks, and decay that might have remained hidden with older diagnostic technology.

The x-ray on the left is not a digital x-ray. The x-ray on the right is a digital x-ray. Notice the crooked vertical line inside the box – it shows that the tooth is fractured to the extent it cannot be restored and must be extracted. This is the level of detail we are now able to apply to your dental care, using digital x-rays.

Though digital x-rays present minimal radiation exposure, our practice takes an extra step to safeguard patients – delta tocotrienol.

What our patients say about Digital Imaging Treatment

Dr. Senn is wonderful, gentle and does great work! The dental assistants are also so kind and do excellent work. I had a really great experience.
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Researchers across the globe have evaluated countless biological and chemical compounds for potential benefit as radiation countermeasure agents. Following years of exhaustive research and more than a dozen published papers on the subject, AFRRI (the United States Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute) presented their findings – that delta- and gamma- tocotrienols were found to be among the most effective. This product attained US and World patents for protecting the body from radiation-induced injury and radiation-induced mortality.

Widespread research supports that tocotrienols possess additional beneficial biologic properties as anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-hyperlipidenic, anti-thrombic, and cardio-protective agents. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory immune enhancing capabilities of tocotrienols protect tissues and organs. Further analysis of tocotrienols is underway in several human clinical trials.

As your dental healthcare provider, we want to assist you in providing the most thorough dental care, contributing to the overall health of our valued patients.
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