A Letter To Our Patients Regarding Safety Protocols

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Whole Health Dental Group
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Best facebook reviews for Dentistry Whole Health Dentistry Sebastopol, CA

Best dentistry I have experienced to date! They incorporate a wholistic approach to their dentistry far beyond what I had experienced in the past. In addition, I am impressed how they incorporate up to date wholistic dentistry breakthroughs into their practice. I recommended their services to my family, friends and colleagues.
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Mercury Safe - Holistic Dentistry

Mercury-safe dentistry delivers safety to patients and the environment in Sebastopol dental practice

Sebastopol, CA Mercury Safe and Holistic Dentistry At Whole Health Dentistry, mercury-safe dentistry is synonymous with mercury-free dentistry. In choosing to deliver the safest experience for our patients, we use only mercury-free products and we have protocol in place to remove and dispose of mercury-laden amalgam safely. Dr. Silvano Senn and his staff are concerned with the overall effects of treatments on the health of their patients and believe in protecting our environment from harmful impacts.

While some dental providers still choose to use amalgam fillings, and they are deemed safe by the ADA and some other associations at this time, we choose to avoid the substance entirely. We are aware of video research that shows mercury vapors being released from these type of fillings, which allows absorption into the patient’s bloodstream. This has the potential for many harmful effects on patient health – a risk that we are not willing to take. As mercury exposure is known to be harmful and there are limits placed on its levels in seafood and on releasing into the environment, we see no need for use of these materials. Besides these health concerns, we have found composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, as well as performing closely to the makeup of a natural tooth in dental applications.

What our patients say about Mercury Safe - Holistic Dentistry

The best dentist I have ever been to. Dr spent the first visit with me for a hour explaining the many option and best approach to getting the mercury filling out of my mouth and getting crowns on some that needed it. He also gave me great advice on nutrient and how to detox my body from mercury. He also recommend I take mushroom tea for breakfast to better clarity and energy. Since then I quit drinking cafine and feel great every day. Lots of energy and better focus. The staff is supper friendly and make my dental work the best it can be. I’m very happy my Acupuncturist recommended them to me. She said she has several clients that have used him and loves there experience.
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Residents in and around Sebastopol, CA, are encouraged to choose a dental provider committed to elevated standards in their practice. Dr. Senn and the qualified staff at Whole Health Dentistry understand and care for each patient as a unique individual. Patients can be sure that our staff members are constantly expanding their education to offer the latest technologies and innovations in the field of dentistry. We believe in educating patients on our carefully chosen methods, and encourage any questions regarding treatments that are provided in our office.

For environmentally friendly and customized dental care, we invite area residents to call us for their next appointment. Our philosophy isn’t just a procedure for a patient; it is about contributing to each one’s overall quality of life.
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