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Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn • Dr. Toni Mann
Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann

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Best facebook reviews for Dentistry Whole Health Dentistry Sebastopol, CA

The best dentist and dental office staff ever!! I have never really been afraid of the dentist, however Dr. Senn and his staff make my visits not only about caring for my dental health but also encompasses my entire well being. Dr. Senn's story telling and evolved take on life have me most often thoroughly enjoying my time there and wanting to laugh, which isn't always the right thing to do when you have instruments in your mouth! 🙂 His holistic approach to dentistry and life is greatly appreciated! All other staff from front office, to assistants, to dental hygienist are not only very skilled at what they do, but have me looking forward to going to the dentist with their warmth and sense of humor. Deep gratitude to you Dr. Senn and all of your staff. Two thumbs up! (If I had more thumbs I would have them all up in the air!!) Gaye Abbott, Grass Valley, CA
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Oral Surgery

Best Oral Surgery Dental treatments near Sebastopol, CA At Whole Health Dentistry, patients requiring oral surgery may be able to have certain procedures done without leaving the familiarity and comfort of our practice. Any dental procedure out of the norm may cause some degree of anxiety, and having already established trust with a provider and staff can remove some of that fear. Dr. Silvano Senn brings a wealth of experience into surgical procedures, which are designed with patient comfort and wellness in mind.

Oral surgery available in our Sebastopol, CA, office includes tooth extractions, root canals, and treatments for gum disease. Dr. Senn and his staff are constantly aware of new and developing technologies and take steps to implement the best practices into their menu of holistic dental services. We consider the impact on overall patient health, as well as the environment, when formulating our practices and procedures. Our team works together to give patients their most relaxing and satisfying office experience while resolving dental health concerns. We won’t suggest unnecessary procedures, and always begin conservatively in treatment, only progressing when necessary to ensure optimal health.

What our patients say about Oral Surgery

This has been my hands-down best dentistry experience over many decades and having being treated by multiple dentists. I always feel extremely well cared for by both the staff and the impeccable work and big heart of Dr. Silvano Senn.
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Surgery is likely to be chosen as a last resort to achieve positive outcomes. Less-invasive measures will always be suggested first, if possible. There are options available for many dental concerns that may allow a patient to avoid oral surgery, and patients can trust that we will only suggest treatments in the patient’s best interest. For periodontal disease, we offer PerioProtect as a nonsurgical treatment. This will be recommended to patients who may benefit before suggesting a surgical procedure. We also have added therapy options to improve the efficiency of some common surgical procedures. One added dimension is the use of ozone therapy, an option not available with the vast majority of dental providers. We have carefully chosen to implement this additional measure into some areas of practice, such as root canals, to improve outcomes.

We recommend regular cleanings and examinations to prevent many troublesome dental conditions from ever forming. Prevention is always preferred to restoration, and our goal is to help patients achieve this. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover the differences available through holistic dentistry for overall patient health.