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Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn • Dr. Toni Mann
Whole Health Dental Group
Dr. Silvano Senn and Dr. Toni Mann
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  • Rating : 5
    At Whole Health Dentistry, we value each patient as an individual. Our reward is being able to help a person achieve his or her oral health goals. Who better to express what Whole Health Dentistry is about than our patients themselves? Here is what some have to say about us:

    Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned as well as some root planing in two areas. To my surprise it was nearly as bad as I had anticipated! Lynette was very professional and I was never in any pain, even after the numbing wore off! Thanks!

  • Rating : 5
    I am 70 years old and my teeth have never been that good, So, I have a lot of experience with dentists. Some have been very good and also friends. But I have never had as good a dentist as Silvano. He has saved teeth that others said had to have transplants and is the most meticulous and thoughtful doctor I have ever experienced. And, he is almost always on time with his appointments. I was reluctant to do this review as he is always so busy that I don't want him to have more patients competing for his time. Still, if he wants a review, I feel that I owe it to him to say how great he is!

  • Rating : 5
    A wonderful dental office! Everyone who works there are warm and welcoming making each dental visit a positive experience.

    I value Dr. Senn's holistic approach to dentistry and the ecological principles that he lives by. His friendly personality makes me feel at ease and he's always been sensitive and caring while doing a dental procedure, whether it was a filling or a crown. I'm grateful for all he brings to his practice of dentistry and for the kindness of his staff. I moved out of the area, too far away to be able to continue to come to his office, and I miss having him as my dentist.

  • Rating : 5
    I have been going to Dr. Senn for over 20 years. When he left Castro Valley to move to Santa Rosa I tried other dentist but they were constantly trying to do excessive work, fillings, root canals etc....I had gone to another dentist in Castro Valley that said I needed 5 fillings and 1 root canal and drove to Santa Rosa to see Dr. Senn and where the guy wanted to do a root canal he only did a filling and the other 5 fillings were not necessary. That was over 10 years ago and I have only gone for cleanings and 1 filling replacement since then. I can only imagine if I didn't have him as my dentist all of my teeth would be destroyed. I always appreciate his insight into new medicine to move away from dangerous things like mercury fillings. He also explains things as he goes along on what he is doing so I feel more comfortable on his procedures and also get educated. I feel that he truly looks out for my well-being and is not just in it to make a profit or get what he can out of me. I give him a 4 on here because I have to drive all the way to Santa Rosa now to see my dentist.

  • Rating : 5
    In recent years, since I got hip, I haven't been a big fan of dentists or dentistry as it's mostly practiced. Dr. Senn however is on a whole other level. Dr. Senn practices holistic dentistry, which means he doesn't use toxic chemicals -- he uses herbal solutions and he doesn't use amalgam fillings (mercury which is poisonous to patients and practitioners both, and should be outlawed). He believes in being minimally invasive, meaning no unnecessary or invasive procedures because he understands that teeth and gums can heal themselves without many of the common procedures (look this up people!). This is very important to me as I am recovering from a chronic illness. I was shocked to find that there are so few dentists in the Bay Area up to speed in this direction. Tip to all you dentists, educate yourselves, and learn to treat everyone with respect and dignity -- you will have thriving businesses, and happy, healthy patients. Yes, I live in Oakland, and I drive an hour up to Sebastopol because Dr. Senn is such an incredible dentist. He has major skills! He fixed my broken front tooth, and you literally CANNOT tell at all -- he is a true artiste. And what a gentle, kind and loving man. The staff are great too, friendly and caring, and competent. The office has a really nice vibe and aesthetic and I always have fun talking with the other patients. Now when you can go to the dentist and actually enjoy yourself, that's what I call heaven. Big ups to you Dr. Senn -- you rock!!

  • Rating : 5
    I've been working with Dr. Senn over the past year to remove old dental work and replace it with new. He is tremendous.thorough and meticulous while entertaining! He is gentle and forward thinking! He cares about authentic health and healing the planet and I appreciate that!

    I have only great things to say about Silvano and his entire staff. top notch! the very best. I too am very grateful that he's right here in Sebastopol!

  • Rating : 5
    Dr. Senn is quite simply the best dentist I've ever had. And I have one of those 25K mouths that has had A LOT of work done on it. Dr. Senn I've found to be knowledgeable, practical, kind, extremely sensitive to any pain I may experience (far less than with most dentists), and best of all ... he cares! That's before we even get to the holistic dentistry piece which is unique and great. His staff is equally up to snuff ... and I know this is going to sound crazy ... but I actually have fun on our visits. He just replaced most of my fillings for various reasons -- mostly old dental work breaking down due to age, including three crowns, and I have been delighted with the results. If you're going to invest in dentistry, this is the place.

  • Rating : 5
    Dr. Senn is great! He is personable and does only the necessary work. He removed all my mercury filling and replaced them with less toxic fillings. Not one cracked tooth in doing this. My other dentist didn't have such success when replacing fillings. Thanks Dr. Senn!

  • Rating : 5
    He is the best dentist I've ever seen. Unfortunately he doesn't take my insurance, so I can't afford him for routine things, but would definitely consult him before making major dental decisions.

    Very willing to listen and share his thoughts openly, giving you a broad understanding of the situation and your choices. He is very open-minded and skillful and uses top notch technology

  • Rating : 5
    Eco-smart, gentle, and highly effective!

    Dr. Senn is excellent. A true professional. I had a crown done by someone else, which contained chemicals that were irritating my mouth. He replaced the crown, and he did such a careful and skillful job that I did not even need any pain medication after the procedure. He is truly an outstanding dentist !!! I have now taken my children to him, and recommend him to friends.

  • Rating : 5
    Dr. Senn is an excellent dentist, very thorough and careful. His staff is all wonderful people, capable and friendly. I've met people in the waiting room who have come from Napa and Sonoma for his excellent work; I'm so glad he's right here in Sebastopol.
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